more than a daycare.

dog training options

Sirius Puppy Training

We have been happily partnering with Sirius Puppy Training for years. 

Hosting classes here at Camp on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Perfect for that puppy of yours or for your adolescent dog still working on manners. Some of the best trainers in the Bay. Five Stars.

Service Dog training? Look no further. Angela Gardner is currently hosting classes at Camp on Monday evenings.

Angela Gardner CTC, SDC, CSAT, SA PRO, AKC Good Citizen Evaluator
Service Dog Coach & Service Dog Training Classes

Marin Humane holds Southern and Central Marin one-on-one behavioral consults and private training sessions at Camp. Contact them for more details.

Behavioral issue got you stumped? National Treasure, Trish King, is local and we often recommend her for tougher habits to kick. I’d hazard to say that within 15 minutes of meeting your dog, she knows them better than they know themselves.

Trish holds workshops and seminars at Camp as well.

Your BEST resource for all things dogs. A local company that has been delivering solid gold tips for any myriad of questions about health, care or training for Fido. Online and Magazine Subscription.