S'mores + Other Services

We Make the Most of Your Dog's Stay With Us

Camp offers a variety of additional services to make your dog's care and stay special and comfortable. 


More S'mores, Please!

A S’more is 15 minutes of one-on-one time with a counselor doing whatever activity your dog loves best

  • Extra Play Time: For your energetic dog who loves a good game of fetch, tug or chase.  
  • Love and Cuddles: If your camper loves nothing better than to cuddle up and get a nice massage or ear scratch then this is the s’more for them.
  • Brushing: Your camper will be tangle-free and gorgeous in no time. Follow this up with a Basic Bath for a squeaky-clean pup!
  • Bunkmates: For the camper who just likes a good snuggle before bedtime or curling up on the couch and relaxing with one of their human friends.
  • Refresher S’more: The perfect s’more for the pup in need of a basic training refresher. This option is intended to be a fun review of the basics. Formal training classes are available as well.