About Day Camp


Day Camp at Camp K-9

We offer five different Day Camp options, each styled to meet the unique needs of different dogs. Playgroups are created by carefully matching campers with similar dog play styles and personalities. An experienced Camp Counselor is always present to supervise and direct dog play appropriately.


  • Adventure Camp: Created for adolescent and adult dogs that enjoy invigorating play sessions and frolicking with their friends. Activities include games of fetch, splashing in wading pools, and running around with friends.
  • Puppy Playschool: Perfect for your new puppy! This playgroup allows puppies to socialize in a supervised and safe environment with dogs their own age and size. Our counselors will introduce handling and beginning obedience skills as your puppy plays all day long.
  • Lil’ Scouts: Our pint-sized campers get a playroom that is just the right size! While it may be stocked with tiny toys and mini play structures, our lil’ scouts still have a gigantic amount of fun.
  • Senior Pamper Camp: Pamper camp is specifically structured with senior dogs in mind. Counselors encourage just the right amount of activity to keep your senior dog moving without overdoing it. Plenty of comfy bedding, extra love and cuddles will also be provided
  • Private Play Camp: This option is ideal for dogs recovering from surgery, un-altered dogs or dogs with social issues who still need active playtime and mental stimulation. Each session is customized to your dog’s favorite activity as they enjoy individual time with a counselor.