About Camp K-9 of Marin

Mission Statement

At Camp K-9 Of Marin, your dog comes first. We pride ourselves on our compassionate and humane approach to dog care by providing a safe and comfortable environment where dogs can play, stay, and learn! Our goal is to educate dogs and their people in order to strengthen the bond between them and create a happy and loving partnership.

Who We Are

Camp K-9 of Marin was founded in 2003 with the vision to provide a safe and engaging environment for all of our canine friends. We have a true appreciation for the unique qualities of Marin that make dog ownership such a natural complement to living in this area. Perhaps this explains why Marin County has the highest per capita dog ownership ratio in the United States!

We offer a unique and effective approach to dog day care and boarding. Each dog is evaluated and special attention is paid to his or her individual needs. We are experts at working with all sizes, breeds, and temperaments.

Our Campers love to play outside! With over 20,000 square feet of outdoor play space, we have taken full advantage of beautiful Marin County so your dog can run and play in the environment that they love. Our playgroups are structured to accommodate different play styles in order to ensure that your dog will always be safe while having fun at Camp.